Current Progress on My Work

I am currently slacking in my writing right now.  Something that I think is important for a writer, or more importantly a healer, is to be in tune with the world around me.  I need to constantly be feeling the emotions of everything going on around me.  I naturally like to be perceptive to the feelings of people.

Sometimes, the feelings of those around me are so loud that I cannot find the time to sit and write.  I have been literally “busy”.  I don’t want to divulge too many details here because I don’t want to give away my secret identity, but I have been busy with reasonable reasons.  I haven’t finished 3 of my weekly stories this month.  So sad.

I guess I have been caught up in other writing stories like Girl Who Rises Sun.  I am happy about my other story about robots, I was able to actually print out the first 25 pages of Part I and hand them off to a friend, so I guess that is, in some ways, progress, but not really. 

I still need to be writing small stories, one day after the next, and compiling them.  I still have about 14 stories that I need to write, and three of them need to be short stories.  I guess I have to get Anne Beattie style and just pump out three one-page stories.  I guess that will be fine.

Benefits of Frequently Writing

The one thing I like about writing is opening myself up to a spiritual world.  For me, it feels more like I am opening up portals to another dimension.  What dimension is this?  I have no idea, and I guess that is what makes it so powerful.

However, I vibe off of people that I know.  Sometimes, I get readings or frequencies from friends of mine and I see, after I have written a story, that their own feelings, thoughts, or actions have been marred onto myself.  I have taken these emotions and created my own canvas.  I have been able to interpert and regather the information they have given me through senses, and been able to reconstruct, sythesize, and comprehend what has been going on. 

One benefit to writing is how much it opens your third eye, or the emotional side of what you think and feel.  When we open ourselves up with this other perceptive part, it becomes very easy to overcome and to understand what one needs to accomplish goals, espeically when these goals are more people-oriented.  If you just allow yourself to take one or two hours everyday to open yourself up this this wealth of information, maybe when you are taking a bath or on your lunch break, you will see that you have way more knowledge about the present moment than you believed to have before.

For me, being a sentimental person has its pros and cons.  For one, I overfeel everything.  If I do not take this power I have and write and work with it, then it will not work to my advantage.  When I forget or ignore my emotional self, when I put it on the sidelines to watch the game, it comes out in fervent forms of flailing arms, anger, tears, and mess.  The only true way to harvest and conquer the powers of being a sentimental being is to truly feel them, let the sensations guide you, and allow yourself to live in these other dimensions and worlds through writing and poetry.  Writing opens these doors and allows me to peek into what is going on with my brain.

Haiku of the Day

A cool new feature I have added to my website is “Haiku of the Day”.   Every morning, before the day starts, or maybe when it ends, I force myself to at least write one Haiku.  I mean, why not?  Isn’t life too short as it is?  It’s important to remember one’s life in the form of haikus.  If we don’t, who will?

The great thing about being an artist in this day and age is the ability to share with others your thoughts, feelings, and everything.  I know that a lot of people use twitter feeds to add a link to a blog page.  I’ve tried this in the past, and it works, but I think that as a writer, it is important to give those who may be interested in buying your content, a test taste, and what a better way than twitter.

I also like feeling like a radio tower.  Sometimes, when I get onto Twitter before I tweet my “haiku”,  I like to think of myself as sending “an S.O.S. to the Moon”, as The Police would say.  Even though no one may ever hear it, this “S.O.S. to the Moon”.  Even though my peaceful haikus cannot be considered signals of distress, in some ways they are.  The world is breeding hate, violence, saddness, and depression.  My peacefu haiku to the moon is definately, in some ways, an “S.O.S. to the Moon” during a time of intense violence and problems on this planet.

I hope that you, too, decide to start a twitter feed where all you do is send out peaceful verses everyday.  It feel so refreshing to post something out there besides my ego.  What a better thing to twitter about than the moment?

Goals Established For The Week

I think three short one-page stories should be easy to push out this week.  I will publish the best one here.  Also, I need to remember to start working more on “The Wired Web of Seymour’s Skull”.  Currently, Seymour is staying in a mansion trying to organize his feelings and thoughts about his current situation (something I cannot reveal here, because, it’s like a spoiler, you know?).   Also, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun has more adventure to trek on as her adventure across the desert becomes more important.  I have to tie the loose ends on that one, by October!  Crazy.

I think that when I finish Girl-Who-Rises-Sun, I will simply offer the content for free right here.  The story reminds me of my own self as a writer.  In the story, she runs off into the desert for no reason except the feeling that she thinks this is what she needs to do.  I guess that is how I feel about this blog, and how many out there feel about their journeys. 

Sometimes we do crazy things, like create fake personas to help us feel like we have a voice in this world.

Creating this blog has truly helped me as a writer.  I think it happened after tons of rejections, over and over, from other “literary journals” which were just blogs, realistically.  I thought, “Why should I allow them to reject me? This is the age of the internet!” 

So, I don’t let them reject me.  I allow myself the exposure I have always wanted.  Do I want money?  Yes? Who doesn’t?  Is money more important than sharing my story with others and healing others through my story telling?  No, money is not more important than that.

Please read Girl-Who-Rises-Sun either now, on the Text Novel website, or later when I publish it into a free e-book on this website.  🙂


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