Connections to Writing Outside the Spiritual Realm

Whenever I write, I get the feeling I am tapping into something, meeting new characters and identities all around me.  It allows me to meet these amazing characters. 

It is fun when you can finally step out of your own identity and meet other characters.  Sometimes, the characters I create feel so real to me that I can’t imagine them not exisiting. 

I am not crazy.  I know with my mind that these characters are made up and fictional, but there is some sort of spiritual connection that I have with them.  I feel their pain and sorrow, I know what it feels like to wake up as them on a bad day, and I know the pain they feel.

The stranger part is when my spiritual, fiction world starts to bleed into my real one.

As discussed in the previous post, I am currently working on the story “Girl-Who-Rises-Sun”, a work about a girl who has ran away from her tribe.  She runs at night during the moonlight and every morning she watches the sun rise.

I woke up this morning at 5:45 AM.  I had a feeling within me that would not let me sleep.  I looked out the window from my bed and saw that the dawn sunlight was coming through.  My body was sweaty and I needed a drink of water.  I think it was my intense thirst that woke me.  When I went downstairs to fill up a glass of water and let the dogs out, I looked out and saw that the sun was indeed rising.

Everything is quiet and still this early in the morning.  I felt, in a way, that the strange spirit of Girl-Who-Rises-Sun was waking me up, telling me to rise and see what was ahead of me.  I know that she doesn’t exist, but maybe her spirit does, somewhere within me.  When I looked out at the mountain, I saw the dawn starting to rise.  There were two stars in the sky and the moon was still brilliantly shining. 

I found it strange that I woke up.  I hadn’t seen the sun rise in a long time, and it reminded me how every day starts out so quiet.  Sometimes, we forget that, espeically when the traffic starts to increase, when the lines to get coffee are long, and an understanding of what we need to do for the day starts to become more of a reality.  We forget that everything, even the beginning of the day, starts with silence.

I guess this is the spirit of Girl-Who-Rises-Sun that I am trying to tap into. 

From this, I want to feel like I am gathering the energies of the world around me to write.  I want to see every experience and feeling I have as some sort of reason to write what I feel and think.  I believe in the making art for the sake of making art.

I think I am going to start a twitter account.  I like to idea of sending out an SOS of poetry or words out everyday, even if no one hears them.  I guess that’s why I like this blog so much.  It’s exciting when even anyone reads it.  🙂


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