Editor’s Choice 2012

Big news fans!  (Or lack there of…lol)  One of my stories recently won an award on Textnovel.com for Editor’s Choice 2012.  The name of the story is called Girl-Who-Rises-Sun.  Here’s Chapter 1, “Harvest Moon” to give you an idea:

This is the tale of the indigo child.  The vast desert spoke to her even since she was a little girl.  At the age of seventeen now, they were ready to marry her off.  He was older warrior from a different tribe.  He would be able to provide for and she would have what she needed to be in luxury, take care of children, and survive.

Her mother and sister had covered the indigo child in oil essence from cactus flowers.  They fed her prickly pears and roasted cactus.  They had saved eggs found within the desert to cook for the bride in the morning.  At her wedding day tomorrow, they needed Girl-Who-Rises-Sun to be ready for her new life with her new husband.

After giggling and laughing within their adobe home, the girls in Girl-Who-Rises-Sun’s family all braided her hair and prepared her outfit for the ceremony.  Her mother gave her a beautiful rock of turquoise, and her sister gave her a sheepskin blanket to stay warm tonight and the rest of the nights in her life.  They wanted her to be ready for her new life.

Slowly, all the women started to fall asleep, excited about what the next morning would bring.  Girl-Who-Rises-Sun fell asleep too with confused feelings and worries about what the next day would bring.  She fell into a deep slumber, wishing the next few days would disappear.

However, in the middle of the night, something woke her up.  It was not the howl of the coyotes and it was not the sound of the owl.  The mere silent moonlight stirred her from her slumber.  When she woke to exit from her adobe home, she looked into the large moon.  The harvest moon covered the desert in a blue hue.  Her heart started to pump.  She could hear her heart racing within her torso.  Her heart beat so vibrantly it felt like a ceremonial drum near the fire. The beat intensified within her so much that she needed a kinetic experience to the sensation within her.  As the moon beamed down on her and Mother Wind swept her cool, whimsical fingers across her body, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun decided to start running.


She started to run faster and farther into the depths of the night.  She would be able to see coyotes in the bright light of this harvest moon.  She could see all the possible threats when under this white, full moon.  So, she kept running, farther away from her home town and closer to her new life.  She could feel the new life in front of her, sense it to the point of being able to touch it.  It was with this intangible belief that she kept running, hoping, and believing that all she had to do was run to the beat of her own heart.

As she ran, her heart started to beat faster and faster.  She ran up hills and across valleys throughout the night, staring up at the stars.  She wondered if the Gods were watching her, calling her from their starry thrones to run as far as she had even been.  Sometimes, during her run, she started to feel tired, but she remembered to keep going, to keep traveling as far as she could.  She knew how to hunt, find water, shelter, and survive.  She even slept with a knife.  So, when she had started her run in the middle of the night, her knife still hung from her bodice.  Her only true goal was to escape, to get away from this world, to travel to where her heart was calling her?

Had she planned this?  Not really.  In the middle of the night, the realities of the situation became clear to her.  It was not like she had run into the desert.  She knew her mother and sister would be upset.  However, the moon had lured her into running into the desert.  The directions of the wind had tempted and told her that now was her time to run.  So, she ran.  The gods had told her this is what she must do, and she felt the future in front of her with perfect love.  She trusted her own decisions, so she ran into the desert, following the sensations of God’s love.

Once the sun started to rise, she remembered how she received her name.  Her mother had been in labor all night.  When the sun finally started to rise, she came out from her mother, and her father gave her the name Girl-Who-Rises-Sun.

As the sun started to rise across the desert, she was tired and weary.  Her legs felt hollow.  She had run the whole time near the river, and she knew they would come looking for her soon.  She decided to hide in a cave, sleep there all day, and continue on running by the river once the night began.  She didn’t know where she was going, but she knew she was going in the right direction.

If you are interested in reading more, simply go to Text Novel: Girl-Who-Rises-SunPlease vote for my story or subscribe!  I am very excited to be sharing this with people. 


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