Worth/Weight of Your Heart

Do you have shining moments in life where all your remember is laughing so hard that you turn blue in face?

That’s good, and if this is true, I am very, very happy for you.  What kind of memories do you have?  What kind of thoughts go through your mind?

Do you ever worry about the weight of your heart?  Are you self-less?  Do you try to give until you have nothing left?

If you have a lot in your bank account, but nothing to feel in your heart, you should think about trying to give it all away to people around you.  Buy your friend an extra pack of cigarettes.  Give your friend a book that you know they will cherish.  Give all you can to all of those around you.  Be grateful for every last bite, breath, thought, feeling.  Every moment is worth more than you will ever know.



Explore within yourself the reason you are here.  Find that reason.  Hold onto that reason.  Let that reason be your guiding light.  Believe.  Know what your values are.  Make sure that your values and vision match.  When you can find that within who you are, it is easier to see the path.  

Be ruthless, passionate, and unapologetic for being you!  Let you ooze out in every aspect of your life.  Hold yourself together like your best Sunday suit.  Believe.  Never try to be anyone else other than you.

If you like to tell dirty jokes, tell dirty jokes.

If you like to be silly and loud and have fun, be silly and loud and have fun.

If you enjoy being quiet and calm, allow yourself solitude and peace.

Be one with your soul.  Follow the rhythms of your spirit.  It is truly the only way to live. 


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