My characters

The characters I invent and create are spiritual beings from another realm that I have simply become privy to learn about.  I could believe that they are forms of my ficticious mind, however, the intensity and natural, organic form they create are objects and explanations that are far out of my reach.  The personalities of my characters are yes, some factors of my own traits, but the true essence of them is something that I cannot replicate.

The characters I write about, that I find deep within myself on any given days, are ones that do not understand why the rest of the world is the way they are.  They feel lost and confused living in a society where those around them tell them what it means to find true happiness. 

My characters are on quests to live existences without regrets and to reach extremes in order to find truth.  They are, in essence, warriors of truth.

We all live in worlds of lies.  We let people propogate their personalities, the false identities they have created, onto us in order to form and construct some sort of semblance, recognition, or organization of percieved happiness onto those around us.  In other words, most are too preoccupied with what the world thinks they are unable to find true happiness.  Their happiness depends on the happiness of others, and this is truly a fallacy of our own times.

2012 recognizes an era where we will emerge as beings of light, art, joy, fulfilment, and happiness.  Money will simply matter less to those of us who are trying to exist.  There will be no money for artists.  There will be no money for novelists.  All we will have is the ability to share.

Find within yourself the voice, the character, the being who is trapped.  Find a way to free them, to give them the tools they need to emerge as a new creature.  Maybe all they need is courage or realization.  These spiritual beings exist, and they are ready to meet you.  All you must do is put the pen on the page, and find them in these other worlds.  They are out there.  Go out and explore the subconscious universe of your mind.  You will meet friends and great heroes who help you better understand yourself.  You will remember what it means to define a hero.  Sometimes, our true heroes, are camouflaged among us.  It takes time, walking in spiritual worlds, to come and see who the real heroes are.

I hope you find the courage to walk inside your mind and explore the universe and land you never knew of.  It’s always been there, and so are the true heros and legends of your mind.


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