Winter on a Summer Day

How can a summer day feel like the cold of winter?  Even though the sun is streaming across the land, it feels like it is cold outside, like everything has died.

They say that more people die in the summer than in the winter.  The intense heat is enough to push us all over the edge.  Kick the bucket.  Pass away.  Go silently into that dark night.  It is not like the movies, where everyone dies in the winter, where it rains so hard at a funeral that everyone has an umbrella.

No, instead, funerals happen in the middle of the summer.  There are usually intense heat waves going through.  People can barely muster up the energy to stay through the whole ceremony.

Then we bury them into the ground around the intense heat.

Goodbye old friend.  Goodbye cousin.  Goodbye Grandma.  Goodbye.  You will be dearly missed, and one day we will meet you inside the gates of heaven.  There is no better way to explain it.


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