What do you want?

What do you want most from life?   Do you want to say you were an aritst, that you tried your hardest to create even in the darkest of hours?  Do you want to tell people that you were a lover, that you loved even when you and your lover couldn’t find a loaf of bread?  When you finally get to the other side, do you want to be remembered as a person who got up every day and tried to help those around them to the best of your ability?   Do you want to tell those around you that you when you found something wrong with society and went out to fix it, that you tried to right the wrongs at every turn and attempted to make the sad laugh whenever you got the chance?

Or do you want to be rememebered for how much money you made?

The choice is yours.

There are few worlds where all these values collide, and if you live in this world, you should know you are considered the luckiest of all possible worlds.


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