Indigo Children Awaken

The era of the indigo child is upon us.  It is hard to say what indigo children are or what their purpose is here on earth.  However, we are here.  Our purpose might not be the easiest to understand and our thoughts might be convoluted.  However, the purpose and the mission is there.  

Many see indigo children, once they grow up into adults, appear aloof and misguided.  However, some indigo children have a dream and mission that reaches far beyond the original necessities.   They want to create a world, an earth, that is far more important than the planet given to them. They see within themselves as a greater vision for mankind with a heightened awareness of every sense within them.

Try to see the beauty of the indigo child. They find laughter, peace, hope and joy in every step through their day.   

Since this is my blog that swings through my thoughts, I feel comfortable to say this here:  I am an indigo child.  My mission here may be hard to predict but I believe in following the whims and feelings of my spirit.  I do believe I was put for a mission.  I do believe I am a messenger of some sort.  I am not a prophet.  I am not a religious leader, but I am a messanger.   If I was not, I do not know why I would have the desire to start blogs like this.

Maybe this is the superhero identity I have been trying to explain the last couple days.  I live too much in the clouds for anyone to make sense for my thoughts.

There is something that guides me not within this realm.  It is a feeling, a thought, an idea that follows me everywhere I go.  This thought is love and art.  My message is only one of love and art.  I do not believe in subjecting yourself to the evils of the world, whatever you may define as evils.  It is too easy in this world to become evil.

I am naturally not a competitive person.   The only person I have ever tried to compete with is myself.  I believe in a world where we help those around us progress to the next level and path in life.  I believe in helping other human beings.  I believe in making those laugh when all they see is sad.  I believe in the moment.  

All of this talk about indigo children makes me understand the true importance. This week, I have inspired myself to write a story about an indigo child.  I guess I realized I was an indigo child when I looked around, felt aloof, and believed the world to not be in its best condition.

We could live in a world where the true status quo is living in a farming community, where everyone has a patch of land and a home they can all their own.  Food, water, shelter, and love are generated and offered through a community.  Hope is established through a community.  Trust, appreciation, and guidance is offered through a community.

Let the voice of the indigo child touch your ears, and my dear true friends, let the healing process begin.


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