The Birth of Marla Rose Brady

It is hard to describe where I first learned of this new name for myself.  However, I do think it is important for every hero to have a secret identity.  Just as I believe it is important for Clark Kent to never let know anyone knows he is superman, it is also important for me to never let anyone know that I am Marla Rose Brady.

Why hide my identity?  I truly believe I have important marks to make on society.  I have important stories of truth that I want to bequeath onto the world around me. I believe in art.  I believe in good people.  More than all of that, I believe that my art should not succumb to the voices and perceptions of the world around me.

I don’t really crave fame either.  I simply crave a voice.  I always just wanted a place where my thoughts, feelings, and opinions mattered.  From a young age, I always wondered what the meaning of life is.  I guess that is why you can say I have started this blog.

Through my writings and poems and prose, my goal is to find the meaning of life.  I don’t think that the meaning can be described as populating or creating more humans.  That is not the meaning of life according to me, Marla Rose Brady.

No, instead, I think the meaning of life is harder to describe than that.  I think that the meaning cannot be found in our every day routine.  Sometimes, I fear that the human spirit is being crushed by our constant ability to perform the same actions over and over for countless days.  We succumb to what the world wants to become.  We succumb for obvious reasons like money, but rarely do we find where the powers of love can take a person.

My life is an experiment.  I am trying to live my life differenly from those around me.  I am trying to subsist on passion, truth, wisdom, reality, and beauty.  I believe in beauty and good faith.  I believe in so many things I cannot even explain.

The reason for me starting this blog is because I believe my voice to be strong, different, and surreal–that I do not want the thoughts of those around me to change my work or philosophy.  I am a rawist.  I do not believe in letting the faulty perceptions of those around me to contort the sort of art I want to make.  I do not believe in editing myself because a publisher wills it so or because someone doesn’t like what I write.

I write what I write because that is how I feel and no one can take that away.


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