Preparing the Short Story Collection

As I prepare for my short story collection, I can see ahead of me that there is going to be a lot of work that I need to do.  For one, I have to find my favorite stories that I want to publish.  Secondly, I have to edit them so that the stories are ready for you, my audience!

The themes incorporated within my writing include aliens, robots, the religion of Americanism, belief in one’s self, and the ability to accomplish the impossible.  I believe that there are untapped parts of the supernatural world that we have not yet come into contact.  I think that right now we are all living in different worlds.  I think our past and future selves all live within the same moment.  I believe death is an embodiment of all our life’s feelings, thoughts, actions, consequences, work and love.  I believe we do feel when we die.  I believe consciousness is possible too.  Do I think that death looks like life?  No, hardly.  I think death is a permanent feeling, and depending on how you lived your life, that feeling will either be good or bad.

Last night, I started to think about the horrible Alexander Crowley who once said that he was in contact with a demonic spirit named Lam.  Sometimes, before I go to bed, I have trouble falling asleep.  Even as a young girl, my horrible vision made me always feel some sort of strange presence within the room.  I do believe I can feel the presence of spirits more than the average person.  I cannot hear them or talk to them, but I can feel them.  Sometimes I mistaken this ability with just a blatant blindness in the middle of the night that scares me.

My point being is that Alexander Crowley believed to be in contact with a demonic spirit named Lam.  This spirit is said to be, by some, an alien making telepathic communications with Alexander.  Alexander was knowing for having sex rituals, and would invite scientists to come and join them many times.  Crowley’s strange connection to prime evil is believed by some to be a sort of alien connection.

My interest in writing is slightly based on science fiction and more based on an ability to describe and explain the real world in terms that we have not already looked at the world.  I believe that the inner conflicts that all us have in our day-to-day experience with work can be explained in polarized scientific definitions portrayed through fictional stories.

What do you all think of this idea?  Crazy? Insane?  Or am I really tapping into something?  Or is it all just balderdash? 


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