An Archive for the Ages

When my life is dead and gone, there will be nothing left of me.  Those around me will discuss what a nice person I may have been or if my life even mattered.  The content I will have created will have been dispensed into the internet.  One day, I wonder if the contents in the Internet will become too much.  I wonder if the archives will overflow and the websites will become too much support.  I wonder if one day all of this will eventually be deleted.

I don’t think it matters.  One day, even the Mona Lisa will disappear.  Some of the greatest works of our world have already disappeared and disintegrated.  Does that mean you should still not create them?  Does that mean we should all just stop expressing ourselves and instead bow our heads in shame and do what those around tell us to do?  Go to work, get a job, be reasonable, live, breathe, follow the law, and one day die?

These are truly some of the only things that we have the beauty of looking forward to: work, character, health, government, the promise of eternal life.  What else is left for us on this earth other than those things?  And if those are the only things left for us, what’s the constant point of continuing on?  Should we just give up and continue to do the things that only merely the world asks us to do?  Or should we try and do something bigger, greater, more amazing than ourselves?

This blog is my only voice.  I do believe in a world of self expression, exploration, and discovery.  I make this art as much for those who read it as I do myself.  I need a mirror into myself to answer these questions that I have.

I no longer believe in the old-fashioned methods of the publishing industry.  I believe it is possible for myself to make the leaps and bounds I need to with just simply a blog.  I do not believe in soliciting scripts to publishing houses because I believe that I can publish my own novels.  I am starting to come to a conclusion that I do not have to publish my own work through a publishing house.

My whole life I have wanted to be a writer.  I try to get better at writing every day.  I have works that I am trying to create and stories that I want to share with the world.  Money is less of something I want from these projects, and sharing my work is more what I want to do. 

That’s why I have decided to be one of the first unknown authors to produce my own content.  I do not desire the need for my friends and family to have the acknowledgement of me finishing a novel or even sharing it with them.  The stories that reverberate within me are stories that echoed into me from society.  I hear a discourse pumping through the veins of culture’s bloodstream and what I deliver in a story form is that feeling, plot, contrasting themes.  Some of the contrasting themes that I bring up in my work is so controversial, even to myself, that I would rather not share my true name with the world.  I would rather give you all a fake name, with stories, that express my current feelings on society.

On that level, I consider myself less of a fiction writer and more of a social commentator.  Within a few weeks, I will be able to have a book of my ten short stories of 2012 published here available for purchase through Amazon.  I think that my developing this body of work, I will more easily be able to intrigue those around with my writing.

My goal isn’t for monetary fulfilment.  I sincerely get joy from those who read my work.  Then some of you are probably wondering: Why is she charging for her work?  I charge for my work because I believe so much in the value of my message that I wish I had all day in the world to write and express to those around me the feelings and thoughts I have.  I want to be able to continuously write you all stories one day.  I want to quit my day job.  I want my whole body, essence, and feeling to be an extension of the sorts of creativity that those who read my work want to experience.  If those who enjoy my work would like to see me write a story about being in the mountains as a hermit, I want the financial competency to do that.  I want the financial capabilities to take myself to other worlds so that I can share them with others through writing.

This isn’t a project based on getting rich.  It is a project based on finding the meaning of life.  Sometimes, we may think that the way we can find the meaning of life is by climbing the Great Wall of China.  But the truth of the matter is that it costs a lot of money to go and climb the Great Wall of China.   So, in essence, I charge because I want to offer myself that opportunity because I think that it would better my stories and make my connection to my readers that much more profound.  

So, I hope that you all decide to buy a copy of my 10 short stories of 2012.  Although they have been rejected by countless publishers, I still have faith in them.  There is something about having faith in one’s own work that is much more powerful than what others think.

The stories will not be expensive.  I am thinking about charging $5 for one digital copy of ten stories.  What do you all think? Do you believe that to be fair?


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