Become A Vibrational Match to Your Desired Bliss

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At the new year, I created a vision board.  I covered it with beaches all up and down, I needed to go to a beach!

If you don’t believe in vision boards, you should, because in this life we attract what we feel.  We gather around people who have the same feelings as us.  We gather around areas that have the same feelings as us.    We become the same vibration of that what we are.  What you think affects you, and if you think all about beaches, well….. one day you will be on a beach.

We only live once in this world.  We only have one life, from what we know.  Why would you waste that on nonsensical thinking?  On thinking about how much you dislike a person, or on other things you may not like.  We should take the negative only as a way to see our shadow side.  With the negative, we can realize that there are some things we really do want in our experience.  When we realize what is negative in our journey, we have an opportunity to see what we do want in our experience.

For example, you may say to yourself, “I don’t like my boss.”

Maybe your boss doesn’t treat you right.  Maybe your boss insults you, or puts you down, or isn’t on your side.

Where is the positive in that?  (you might ask)

The positive is knowing you want to work with someone who respects you, collaborates with you on exciting projects, trusts you with new ideas, and maybe even sees a gigantic ocean of possibilities in the future for you.

It’s time to stop thinking about what you do not want, and to start thinking about what you do want.

This positive spin on things is hard to think through at times, but when you do this with your negative thoughts, you will unveil an enormous wealth of power to give you what you deserve in your experience.

Your feelings should always be a compass to your desires.

Have you ever thought that you should just go with your gut instinct?  This is based on how we feel about a scenario.  There is so much cosmic knowledge inside each and every one of us that to feel it is to live it.  To think it is to live it.  To want it, in many ways, is the same way as having it.

Any one who can close their eyes and vividly see a past memory, knows that you do not have to tangibly own something to mentally acquire the feeling from it.  Our minds are incredibly powerful.

So the next question I have is. . . . .

Why is it that we attract what we think?

Does focus really run that deep?

Who knows!  But look, I got to the same beach on my vision board!

Vision board on friends!!!!


Things I’m grateful for:
My family
A home to live in
My health
My own, free will
My ability to choose my destiny
Freedom from the system
Living my life on the wings of a butterfly
Self reflection
Self awareness
My wonderful husband
The stars
My babys smile
The continual success of my etsy shop
The ability to attrack more money into my life than i ever wouls have before
My sobriety
The peace of mind sobriety brings
My calm home

Harvest your seeds of gratitude!

Off we all go to create beauty!

Etsy Taxes?! Yikes!

So, I’ve been crushing my brain trying to figure out how to pay for my etsy taxes.

Apparently, from what I have read, if you reach $20,000 worth of sales through etsy, they will send you a tax form you need to claim.  I have a couple questions about this:

(1)  How much money will Uncle Sam take from you if your small, etsy business only makes $20,000?

(2) Do I need to register as a small business?

This video has been a good one to watch.  Apparently, if you are selling online, and are shipping an item outside of your locale, you do not need to pay sales tax.  Sweet.  Only when the customer is within your the same state, you need to collect sales tax.

Does anybody else have any good suggestions for etsy taxes?

Wedding Season is On!


Orders, orders, orders!  

It’s a great feeling, but can be a bit overwhelming.  But how do you get this point?  How do you eventually get the point where you are making enough money on your etsy shop that you are making the same amount you would at your day job?

Well, first, you need to quit your job.  Second, I would put aside $1000 to invest into whatever it is you want to do.  Make that dream a reality.  You don’t need more than $1000.  With that amount of money, you can create what you are trying to do.

If you are a pregnant woman or mom who wants to quit her job to spend more time with your babies, I would recommend this.  The more money and time and energy you spend on your etsy shop, the more likely you are to get the results you want.

Big Ticket Items

One thing that I think makes a successful shop is big ticket items.  By big ticket items, I mean items, or maybe projects where you make more than $200 in one shot.  When you do this, you allow your shop to have some leeway room for buying more materials, reinvesting into your shop. 

Sell Supplies

You need to spend money to make money.  You need to also find supplies you can sell and make a profit off of.    I recommend buying supplies that you already use within your shop for your own crafts.

If you haven’t noticed already, a lot etsy shop owners are cruising all over etsy anyway.  I know that I have purchased from a lot of etsy shops for my own supplies.  So, that’s something to think about if you are seriously trying to make a successful etsy shop:  What supply can I offer to the etsy community that will make their job easier.

This is a real job.

One thing I hate is trying to explain to people what I am doing with my life now that I sell on etsy (and make a great living with it too!)  I tell them I sell paper cranes for weddings, scrabble tiles, craft supplies.  They look confused, like I have just flushed my life down the toilet to play on the internet all day.  I am sure they imagine my new life as watching TV, feeding my little baby in stained clothing, and lying about making money on the internet to continue the delusion of my own independence from a feminist perspective.

But that’s not what my life looks like.  As we speak, I should probably be working on etsy stuff, but I am not.  I need to vent a little about all the work I have to do.  I need to celebrate how much work I have!  I need to say thank you to everyone who has been purchasing from me because it allows me to buy diapers for my little Lela!  

I wake up in the morning, check my etsy shop.  I respond to inquiries in between my baby crying, needing a new diaper, or needing a bottle.  In between that, I work, work, work on paper cranes, or organizing scrabble tiles, or thinking of new ways I can get my shop to the levels that I want it to be.  I’m checking my phone every 15 minutes for the etsy symbol so I can respond to customers ASAP.  (Etsy customers do more business with shop owners who are present.)  I am packaging orders for 2 hours a day on the days before I go the post office.  The day usually ends with a trip to the post office and many packages stamped with my “Paper Crane Wishes” logo.

Baby is waking up…

Well, I was going to take a shower, but I wanted to let you all know I love you so much that I decided to write this post instead!


promotion   Times really are changing.  I don’t know when the job market became so competitive, but it has.  It’s truly depressing, and I guess that is why we are on the verge of a depression.  When depressions happen, no one can become the things they want to.  Teachers can’t become teachers and librarians can’t become librarians.  Everything starts to destruct. I wish the economy was better.  I wish we didn’t have to be so educated and that money could be found everywhere.  But I’m too old for wishes.



I didn’t think the government shutdown would be lasting this long, but it has.  I was only expecting the government to be shut down for a day, not the seven that it has been.

And why?  So politicians can throw around big words, big dreams, try to shoot down Obamacare, try to gain control.  Control, control, control.  It feels like everyone is so much more about control as we all start to lose our jobs, houses, and lives…

I think my neighbor is losing his house.  Another lady at work is on the verge.  Everyone is on the verge of a huge universal shift it seems lately.  People are either having babies, getting married, moving away, or profoundly changing something in their lives.

I get the feeling that the whole universe, right now, is in flux.  Anyone else feel that way?

Paul the Penguin

paulI’m reviving my favorite comic book character today, Paul the Penguin.  I had invented him in high school, and had really drug his character out long and hard, but after a while, Paul was a little too depressing for me.

Since I am now working under a pen name, I find it a lot easier to express myself through this penguin’s anger/upsetness about the business/corporate/capitalistic world.  I think I will do more of him.

<3  He makes me happy.  <3


Raising a Lil’ Girl

Once I realized that I would be raising a little girl in the world, my thoughts about everything have changed.  A woman at work recently made a comment to me about my acne scars, and how bad they are, and how I really need to make sure when my daughter grows up that she doesn’t have acne scars either.  This was, after she wouldn’t stop talking about her $1600 vacuum and how her husband is shopping around for a Mercedes Benz.

After she said this, I tried to think to myself, “What will I tell my daughter when she comes home from the playground and says another girl called her ‘ugly’?”

I thought about it.  The truth is that when people say caddy things about you usually when their own life is under attack.  This woman at work always comes in pale, red lips, smelling a bit of alcohol.  I remember the kid from middle school who used to call me fat.  As I grew older, I realized that he was probably upset with everything because he didn’t have any father around.  He made fun of everyone, was mean to everyone.  It’s usually a defense mechanism.  People are mean to other people as a defense mechanism to deflect what’s really going on with them.  Happy people don’t say mean things.

All any of us can do is just try to get through the day.

Venting Days

It’s been a while since I posted.  It’s because I’ve been stressed.  Part of me has started to think that writing this blogs has been sort of counter-intuitive.  I have such a mind of a marketer.  I am always trying to market my art, my vision, my….everything.

Do you all ever get tired of marketing yourself?  Of walking down the hallways at work, hearing the busybodies say “Why aren’t you smiling?”  “Smile, this is work!”  Do you ever get tired of the those who want you to be on your best behavior, your bright-eyed busy-tailed smiling face, and when you respond with just a dreary “okay”, they scuttle away as though you have broken some foreign cultish code?

Sometimes I wished in some Scandinavian country.  I bet they don’t smile as much in those countries.  I wish I didn’t have to have my non-smiling face questioned.

I know I probably shouldn’t vent like this on my blog.  It goes against what all the prominent bloggers say you should do.  In order to gain an audience, you need to write about a similar thing everyday, you need to use certain keywords, you need to do guest posts.

What if I just don’t want to do any of that anymore?

I am thankful I have this hidden alias where I can vent about how I feel.

The internet scares me these days.  Since I’ve become pregnant, I’ve harbored less of an interest to tell everyone on Facebook that I ate a Twix bar or that I’m going to an awesome party they aren’t invited to.  Facebook has become just a place where everyone’s egos seem to echo through the vapid hallways of over exaggerated stereotypes, a classicism of perspectives, and venomous playground bully attitudes that have grown up to become the dysfunctional white-collared worker next to you.  And the next thing you know, you see them posting how their kid is one of the most amazing flute players in the state of Alabama on Facebook, complete with a picture of chubby cheeked Jake holding a golden flute like a trophy of insensitivity that his family has awarded him during his short-lived survival in a dysfunctional nuclear family.

And that’s the majority of Americans.  Over 75% of all Americans grow up in a dysfunctional home.  It’s ill-willed to expect Jake to be even different.  I mean, that alcoholic coworker next to you, who always comes in pale, smelling of gin, and ready to ask you why you can’t lose the 40 pounds they never gained, is the person who is raising the next generation of families.  This white collared menace is happy to announce in the work hallways that they are a nihilist, they believe in nothing.

And then we wonder why America is on the brink of a major economic depression.  We are a culture of ego-obsessed people trying to get everyone to believe that our Facebook pictures of parties and picnics truly means that we are happy.  But when we pull our computer screens and skins back, all that we are able to see is this continual void that not even a new purse, a bottle of gin, a joint, or money can erase.  The hole is omniscient throughout the seats of theaters and creates a stench throughout our highway streets.  We travel in lined cars the way ants do, and when we are coming home from work, there are other human-ants waking up on the other side of the world, continuing the pattern.  Go to work. Go to work. Get to work. Be at work.  Do Work. Do Work. Go home. Go home. Eat. Sleep. Sleep. Wake up. Go to work.

How do the rest of you deal with the routine—or more so—how are the rest of you dealing with these vapid personalities who seem to think that the only way to eternal happiness and salvation is through a perfect size-3 body, flawless skin, and enough money to brag their way to feeling like their own identity can be substituted with something as silly as a dollar sign—-how do you all deal?

Because I don’t have any clue in the slightest how to.